Australian born singer-songwriter Jerame Gray’s work has  been described as “Music for the working man, the adventurer, the traveler, and for those with an unsettled spirit.” 

Jerame has an innate capacity for strong melody and musical arrangements, lyrical storytelling, alluring song development, and a soulfully dynamic vocal delivery. He has an energetic and deliberate approach when melding style, form, and balance into multilayered musical compositions.

"I will get out of bed at 3am if I hear a melody or get a song idea. My job as a songwriter never ends and I do not choose when I'm given a lyrical or melodic idea. I can only choose when to take notice and over the years I've learned to listen up when I'm told when to do something."

Jerame is a proficient writer and performer and his work has been featured in film, numerous international travel documentaries, and in a United States web and television campaign for LMC Trucks. 

He is represented by Union Entertainment LLC in Nashville,TN 

Jerame lives on a lake in MO with his wife, songwriter Kate Gray, their two children, a cat named Ira, and a dog named Birch.